The geometry of rest


Concept 71 110 m2 (excluding driveways and parking lots 33 600 m2)

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

The skate park consists of two slopes of varying difficulty, the first with a vertical drop of up to 1m, 190m long and the second up to 3m, 185m long
the waterfall is the central element of the improvement due to the natural difference in elevation along the relief, reaching a height of 5m and a length of 240m.

Commercial premises (615m2) are located at the stage level under the half-bridge.

In the central part, a park zone of 4400 m2 is located higher in relief + trees will strengthen the vertical extension of the entire composition of the area. A cultural and entertainment center is located behind the park area.

S = 7,1 ha