The main level of the first floor is raised 1.2 m above the ground. Due to the absence of blank walls on the ground floor, the building is fully integrated into the environment. For convenience, a spiral staircase is located in the center of the winter garden as the fastest way to move between floors and to take care of plants. The house is designed for two bedrooms on the -1 floor, a kitchen a living room on the ground floor with a terrace for a barbecue. On the operated roof there is a recreation area - a terrace with sun loungers and umbrellas. On the first level there is a staircase that resembles a wave shape left on the surface of the water by a sea giant.


The heart of the interior of the building is the inner garden, surrounded by glass. The decorative illumination of the “aquarium” with the phyto-zone allows you to transform the entire architecture of the building, which will be modified depending on the color and intensity of the glow. Green plants - the main color accent. The house is surrounded by a swimming pool to enhance the concept of communication with the marine world.

private house