Bedroom design
Herbarium in the interior
Panel decoration
Beds for dogs
Dog in bed
Vertical garden at home
Winter garden on the loggia


How much time and money does it take to turn an apartment a bit "from the nineties" into a modern one? In the program "Day of Changes" we tried to do this very quickly and with a minimal budget. For the first time I participated in such a program - a very interesting experience. I can not disclose all the subtleties, but believe me, it was really short time and almost complete lack of money. Given: the family - two adults, two children, two dogs at home, three rooms in the apartment. I got a parent bedroom in which the family is going to watch TV together, and a loggia. Sometimes you do not need so much money and time to get a new apartment. The result of our work with the room and the loggia in the TV program "Day of Changes".

Room and loggia

S=17 м2