Shuseva 2


Travel lovers' houses always seem to whisper about travel. In their new apartment in the Zilart residential complex in the south of Moscow, the owners - Olga and Andrey - wanted to feel the breath of ardent Spain - the country that won their hearts. This was one of the requests they made to the designer, describing their expectations for the interior. Following this wish, designer Vladimir Lyubarski took the path of conveying the atmosphere with hints: there are no fans, castanets and other stamps in the interior - only a rich southern palette, a picture in the style of Pablo Picasso, an abundance of natural materials, moderate eclecticism. The color scheme is juicy, contrasting, but not flashy. Deep, slightly muted blue at the base and rich yellows, oranges and terracotta accents create a complex Mediterranean flavor. The furniture from the previous apartment is perfectly fitted into the interior. The noble shapes of the classic pieces of the headset bought back in the 90s, in the vicinity of the minimalist modern furniture, do not look pretentious and relevant.